What is Mojito?

Mojito version 1.1 (and later)

Mojito is a Google spreadsheet "application" that helps you get the most from your Mint.com account. Mint provides many great features and is easy to use, but it falls short in a few ways, too. Mojito is a companion to Mint that puts the true power of a spreadsheet in your hands. You can import your transactions and account balances directly from Mint and perform any kind of financial analysis you desire!

Mojito is free. No ads. No stealing your data. No BS.

What can I do with Mojito?

  • Import your checking, savings, and credit card transactions directly from Mint.com
  • Import your account balances directly from Mint.com
  • Create budgets that work for you
    • Budgets can have multiple categories AND tags
    • Specify budget amounts with any frequency period (e.g. monthly, weekly, quarterly, yearly, or custom)
    • View budgeted vs. actual expenses over any date range (e.g. year-to-date, last 3 months, last 6 months, last quarter, last week, custom, etc.)
  • Create savings goals that are actually useful (not the severely limited ones that Mint provides)
    • Track your savings goal transactions using multiple categories and tags
  • Track your overall inflows vs. outflows (income vs. expense) over any date range
  • Exclude specific accounts, categories, and tags from budgets and in/out calculations so you only include the transactions you care about
  • Edit your transactions in the spreadsheet and save the changes to Mint
    • Edit category, tags, merchant, memo, etc.
    • Clear (acknowledge) your transactions to catch account fraud early!
    • Create, edit, or remove split items
  • Easily reconcile your accounts with your monthly statements
  • Import data from multiple Mint accounts. This enables married couples, for example, to keep separate Mint accounts but still track their finances together.
  • Copy the Budgets, Savings Goals, and In/Out sheets to track different kinds of finances on separate sheets or to compare what-if scenarios, such as comparing multiple budgets to figure out which one works best for you.
  • Create new sheets and custom charts to analyze your transactions however you wish. You have the full power of a spreadsheet in your hands!

Screen shots

Budget sheet

Imported transactions with budget matches highlighted

Savings Goals sheet

Inflows & Outflows sheet

Account Data sheet, customized to include "Total" columns

Transaction Data sheet with cleared transactions

Transaction Data sheet with the category of a new split item being edited

Reconciling an account

Reconciled transactions not yet saved to Mint

Create charts that meet your needs

You can create a variety of charts in Google spreadsheets. Here are a few charts created using the account balance history.

Rest assured

Mojito does not access any of your Google account information, contacts, email, etc. 

Mojito does not send your data ANYWHERE. No one but you will ever see what your financial data looks like. In fact, when you start using Mojito, you are using a copy of the original. This copy is YOUR spreadsheet, and you should share it with no one.

Mojito never stores your Mint password anywhere.